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When I sat down to write this song I had only one expectation. Write a Christmas song that told the full story. I love Christmas music for the simple fact that it creates the powerful feeling of nostalgia. It takes me back to a time when we were kids waiting for Santa Claus. Snowfall. Holiday parties with friends and family. Seeing the lights on people’s houses. All of it casts a beautiful shade within our rich heritage. I love it also because it teaches us about the story of birth of Christ in an almost fairytale-like fashion. Silent night…holy night…all is calm…all is bright… But was it though? Was it really a silent night as our hymns and stories portray? Check out the story surrounding the writing of Christmas Bells here



Here's the thing...

You may believe your past defines you, but I don't. God's presence is made so clear to us in music. Get lost in it; find Him, and find yourself.

I am a singer/songwriter and worship leader with a heart to see people live amazing and full lives in Jesus. My wife, Adele and our children are the driving force for my passion to write music and tell stories full of hope and faith. May the Holy Spirit speak to you and may you be encouraged when you listen and hear His voice above mine.


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