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I created this album for my God. In truth, when I set up my gear and hit record it wasn't with the intention of making "an album" per se. More so my thought was this: I am going to worship with the songs I've written. I'm not going to try to perfect and polish every movement. In fact, I'm going to welcome the errors as part of the process. And what comes will come. My sole expectation was that the I would encounter the Spirit of God along the way. The songs are at times arranged and played from start to finish as I wrote them. Others are used as tools to engage God and express creatively with the creation I made. And there are even songs and movements that are completely spontaneous with words and melodies that were born in that moment. These songs are not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, my recording methods and tools are sub-par when compared to the industry standards. But this project has become something entirely different for me from what the worship industry may consider a standard. Instead of creating a perfect album or pre-arranged set of music complete with full accompaniments I have chosen to release what I consider the messiness of worship. At some point the pop cultural worship trends shifted to suggest ever so subtly that worship needed to be perfect. That it needed to sound a certain way, reflect a certain image, be relevant to a group of people. And because of that we have communicated ipso facto a great misnomer regarding worship. Worship is not pretty. Worship is not perfect. In fact, if our worship is not messy I would argue we have missed some key elements. What are we teaching people as worship "leaders" or "artists" if the only thing they see from us is the highlight reel on social media or Sunday morning? How are we supposed to train and raise up (disciple) a generation of worshipers if we ourselves are not vulnerable in our leadership of them regarding how we worship? This album is a response to this trend. The primary sound we make as worshipers must be one that is unique to the individual. And that sound must be authentic to the spirit of the individual. And by the descriptors unique and authentic I am referring to the posture and expression of the heart before God. In no way am I saying the great worship music that is produced today is a reflection of this statement. I'm more pointing to the trends at work in our culture. It was only after I had recorded these moments and began praying over them that I realized this was also a response to these trends. And so I wanted to release this album first for my God and then second as option for people to listen and engage for themselves. My hope is that you will hear the words in these songs and use them as a tool in your hand. A tool that God then turns into a weapon. "Through the praise of children and infants You have established a stronghold against your enemies to silence the foe and avenger" (Psalm 8:2). read more here

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I'm not sure who said this but music is the fabric upon which the divine and human interact. God's presence is made so clear to us in music. Get lost in it; find Him, and find yourself.

I am a singer/songwriter and worship leader with a heart to see people live amazing and full lives in Jesus. My wife, Adele and our children are the driving force for my passion to write music and tell stories full of hope and faith. May the Holy Spirit speak to you and may you be encouraged when you listen and hear His voice above mine.


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