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Fall has always been my favorite season. It carries with it a sense of purpose and resolute change. There is no avoiding it. And yes, sometimes that can be frightening - which may be why we like Halloween so much (minus the creepy weirdo stuff that comes with it).. That said, I wrote this song when I was 25. For ever a decade it only ever existed in my spirit. The song is a conversation between two friends after one has committed suicide leaving the other behind. A lot of songs I hear, as well as tv or movies, tend to glamorize the act of suicide and don't actually tackle the traumatic consequences of what happens when loved ones take their lives. I wrestled with the decision to even record this song because of the personal level of emotion I've put into it as well as the very real chance of it being completely misinterpreted. But in the end I believe the message of hope it contains will be delivered. The timing of this release with Fall is twofold. 1) It was the time of year I lost my best friend; and 2) If you or you suspect anyone you know is even possibly close to this path please reach out to them. If you need assistance call the lifeline 24 hours a day 1-800-273-8255 or visit for more resources. I hope this song inspires you to embrace the darkness and in doing so find a way to carry on in the face of loss.

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